Friday, July 22, 2011

Boston Restaurants~East Coast Grill

Once in a while (when the schedule allows), I do take advantage of the perks of work travel.  One night, while we were working in a city south of Boston, a few of us drove up to Boston and had a nice dinner at an eclectic restaurant in Cambridge, MA called the "East Coast Grill."

Creamy Clam and Corn Chowder with chiles and sweet potatoes
Deep Fried mahi with sweet chili and herb salad. This dish was so good that I tried to replicate it at home.  I thought that an herb salad containing cilantro, thai basil, mint, and other green herbs was different from your typical salad containing lettuce.
Grilled vegetables

Grilled Spice Crusted Mahi Mahi with rice and beans, pineapple salsa, and fried plantains
Grilled cumin-encrusted shrimp with sweet potatoes, papaya salsa, and jicama slaw. This is the dish I ordered.  It was tasty, but the fried mahi appetizer I ordered was so much better than this dish.
Grilled Steak with sweet potatoes
Banana Split sundae with mango ice cream
I think this was a chocolate coffee pie.
Chocolate and peanut butter pie with a side of candied bacon

1271 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139-1338
(617) 491-6568


Anonymous said...

Oooh! Looks ono.
The salad does look good. How did yours turn out? What other greens did you put in? Am interested in also making it. What was in the dressing? I think I'll pass on the mint though.


genkitummy said...

Mike enjoyed the salad. the greens we used in the salad were: mint, thai basil, cilantro, and pea sprouts (not an herb).
For the dressing, I heated a little bit of vegetable oil and finely chopped onion in a pan. Then mixed sugar, fish sauce, chili flakes, a little bit of shoyu and sweet chili sauce. After we poured the dressing over the herbs, we squeezed some lime juice over the top.
I'll try to make it again and figure out the proportions.