Monday, July 11, 2011

Chicago Travels~Garrett's Popcorn

So...I thought the traveling was done for a while. I have a mini-trip tomorrow to Indiana. We'll be flying to the Chicago airport, so maybe I'll have a little snack of Garrett's Popcorn.
Garrett's is famous for it's "Chicago Mix" which is a mixture of cheese popcorn and caramel corn. The combination sounds weird and verging on the lines of "gross" but this sweet/savory mix is quite addicting. Whenever I would venture up to Chicago while living in Illinois I would purchase this mixture of popcorn. 

Even though the cheese popcorn is bright orange and oily, this popcorn is delicious! Oh and beware, eating this popcorn results in orange-stained fingers.


Garrett Popcorn said...

Thanks for making Garrett Popcorn part of your trip!

I have the "orange fingers" problem at work, too, but have gotten around it by eating Chicago Mix with chopsticks. Hope that helps!


K and S said...

I have this on my "to try list" :)

genkitummy said...

Wow! Garrett Popcorn posted a comment on my blog! How exciting!
Kat-If you are ever in Chicago, you have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Chopsticks - That's how I used to eat Cheetos!


genkitummy said...

Alan-hahaha! That's a great idea! Plus I'll eat less too! I'll have to let the cheetos team at work know about that. :P