Monday, April 15, 2013

Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast.  A couple of years ago, Chef Susan Feniger was competing on Top Chef Masters. I thought that she was hilarious and enjoyed watching her.  She made a dish called "Kaya Toast" and I've wanted to try it or make it ever since then.
Eggs and egg yolks ready to be cooked into a curd.  
Sugar, coconut milk, and ginger.  
Cooking the mixture of egg and egg yolks on my makeshift double boiler,  I slowly added the sugar and coconut milk mixture to the eggs. 
I let my mom try this and she said it had a medicinal taste to it and was "yuck."  I thought that it was tasty. Maybe it would have had a better flavor if I had used pandan leaves versus ginger root.

Here's the finished coconut jam in toasted sandwiches. 
Here's a picture of the fried egg with soy sauce.  

I thought that the toasted sandwiches with the coconut jam were tasty and liked it even better when it was dunked into the fried egg and soy sauce mixture.  I would eat this dish again, but I felt that it took so much work to make the curd. I think I did something wrong because I cooked the coconut jam too long.  


Anonymous said...


We eat kaya toast in Singapore and there are recipes where you can just put them in a slow cooker. We omit the ginger though.

It's a real favorite back here.


genkitummy said...

Christine-Hi! Oh, thanks for the tip. It would be much easier for me to make it with a slow cooker.