Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Texas Restaurants~Good 2 Go Tacos

A few years ago, I remember watching a show on the Food Network and saw that a taco shop located in a gas station was featured in Texas.  I did not know the name of the restaurant, but searched for it on (it received an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars) and found out that it was called "Good 2 Go Taco" and was close to White Rock Lake.  My mom, Mike, and I finally made it down there during the last few weeks we were in Texas. 
Good 2 Go Tacos is known for funky (or just plain good) fillings containing quality ingredients.  The tacos are much larger than Torchy's and Rusty's and I'd choose tacos from Good 2 Go versus the other two restaurants. Mike's still a fan of Torchy's, but he's willing to admit that from a cost perspective, you can get full on less Good 2 Go Tacos versus Torchy's.

Hotlanta (deep-fried waffle battered chicken, fried sweet potatoes) with green salsa.  Great concept, but the flavor profile was nothing compared to the Honey Bear.
Honey Bear-Yum! Yum! Yum!  Scrambled eggs, topped with spinach, goat cheese, really CRUNCHY bacon, and honey.  It's a very messy taco, but it's SO good! I love the sweet and salty and the crunchy and soft texture combinations. I am going to try to replicate this at home one day!

Swine Bleu-Pork with Bleu cheese and slaw. This was our least favorite taco (it was still good), but I was biased against it from the start because of the strong bleu cheese. 

Too bad we did not find this place earlier!  If we were still living in Texas, we'd definitely stop by here again and try other tacos on the menu.

Good 2 Go Tacos
1146 Peavy Road
Dallas, TX 75218

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