Friday, February 8, 2013

Texas Restaurants~Rice and Roti

So long Indian food. Mike and I really enjoy Indian food (we actually enjoy many different kinds of cuisines) but we knew that once we moved back home, Indian restaurants would be limited back in Hawaii.
After the baby was born, we became more pressed for time and did not want to drive a long distance with the baby in the back seat.  We checked out Rice N Roti, which was about a 12 minute drive away from our apartment.
Non-vegetarian Sampler (~$10)-Biyrani rice, basmati rice, chicken curries, chutney, raita, dessert. Mike's sampler was pretty tasty. The curries were a bit rich so I only ate a little bit of it.

Naan Bread-Did I ever mention that I love carbs? I love naan bread. I love sopping up curries and sauces with good slightly chewy naan bread.
Here's an extra side of naan.
Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken)-Chicken stewed in a butter, tomato, yogurt, cream, and spices.

Rice and Roti
2411 Coit Road Suite 160
Plano, TX, 75075

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