Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rhode Island Travel and Eats

I switched teams at work, so thankfully my travel has dwindle down a bit (to almost non-existent).  Here's an older post that I forgot to upload earlier this year.

I had one day off while in Boston for work travel and decided to make the one hour drive down to Rhode Island. I've never been to that state and decided to visit Providence and Newport. 

The lunch menu is quite small with a daily selection of five sandwiches. I was not very adventurous and chose the grilled cheese sandwich. After all, I figure that purchasing a grilled cheese sandwich at a cheese shop is the equivalent of choosing vanilla ice cream at an ice cream shop.

Cheesemongers Grilled Cheese: A mix of various cheeses, bourbon melted onions

Look at that gooey cheese! So good!

The sandwich was served with homemade pickles and lardo chips. At first I liked the chips, then the lard (slightly rancid) flavor starting coming through a bit too much and I had to stop eating it.
One of the yelp reviews of this place were spot on. It was mentioned that some of the staff seem "cold and indifferent" and I agree. It felt like they catered to an upper echelon cliente of rich people. Apparently I don't give off that vibe with my poofy Columbia jacket and beanie. Whoops, I guess I forgot to bring my Chanel coat and LV bag.

I then went to check out the Brick Alley Pub in Newport for a lobster roll. One of my co-workers said that Bon Appetit rated this lobster roll as one of the best in the Nation. I had to go check it out.
The lobster roll was piled high with sweet lobster. There was not much of anything else (mayo, onions, vegetables), but it was delicious!

Brick Alley Pub and Restaurant
140 Thames Street
Newport RI 02840

Farmstead, Inc.
186 Wayland Avenue,
Providence, RI 02906


K and S said...

looks like some great eats :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I LOVE lobster!!! That looks so yummy !!!

genkitummy said...

The food was good! That's one thing I miss about work travel. :)

Anonymous said...

i live in newport rhode island and completely agree with you about the staff, not just there but everrywhere in newport. i thought i was the only one who noticed! haha so cool how i came across your blog and see my home town posted by you! awesome blog! im an awful cook but i have a feeling these recipes will REALLY come in handy!

genkitummy said...

Anon-Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog! That's interesting to note about Newport. I thought that it was just the high-end cheese shop with the vibe. I guess I wasn't in the city long enough.