Friday, May 25, 2012

Canele~Food Trend?

I like to keep up with food trends. It's technically not part of my job requirement, but I guess when you are a Food Scientist and work in the Food Industry, you cannot help but know what's trending. A few years ago, cupcakes were all the rage, then it was predicted that french macarons and whoopie pies were going to be the next popular dessert. Personally, I do not feel that french macarons and whoopie pies received the accolade that was predicted. Maybe it was because cupcakes are easier to make than french macarons? Or maybe whoopie pies could not be cutesy-fied (I just made up this word) as cupcakes? Or maybe I am totally out of tough with the general consensus and french macarons and whoopie pies are much more popular than cupcakes.  

Now, it's been mentioned that french caneles will be the next darling of the sweet desserts.  There was a French Festival at our local Central Market so I picked one up to try. It's basically tastes like a firm cake enveloping a firm custard filling.  I've been debating whether I would like to invest in a canele pan although I've read that a metal canele pan produces much better results than a silicon pan.  My guess is the canele probably will not gain as much popularity as the cupcake. They taste good, but would the average person invest in a canele pan and the time to learn how to make one? 

Random: For your perusal-here's a link to some flavor trends that were predicted for 2012. We'll see which ones actually come true.  

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