Sunday, February 5, 2012

Barcelona, Spain~Boqueria Market Food

There was a huge crowd surrounding one of the made-to-order seafood food stands, so like lemmings, we decided to plop ourselves down on some seats and order some food.  We've found that when in doubt on restaurant choices-look for a busy restaurant. That usually means the food is good.  If the cooked food also smells delicious, that's also a plus.  When you are at said restaurant, look to see what most people are ordering-if it looks good, order that. 
So, with all our tips in mind, we settled on a plate of garlic fried razor clams.  Why? 1)A lot of people were ordering them; 2) The cooked garlic smell was calling my name. 
Yum yum yum. Mike let me eat most of it because I really like clams and we haven't seen razor clams on a lot of menus in the US.

Here's the little kitchen/food stand. It was such a tiny area, but these chefs cranked through tons of plates of food.
Pimentos de padron-Fried mini peppers

Tako (Octopus)
Mike ate this sausage kebab from another food stand. He enjoyed this while walking through the Boqueria.


K and S said...

everything looks good!

genkitummy said...

Food was really good here! It was one of my favorite foodie experiences in Spain!