Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Barcelona Restaurants~La Mar

One of our friends visited Spain back in June 2011, and recommended "La Mar," a seafood restaurant to us.  It was located between a bunch of restaurants and it was one of the few non-touristy places that did not have a staff member beckoning us to come in.  (FYI-The lack of someone trying to encourage us to dine at a restaurant is always a good sign that the restaurant might be good). 
Fried Calamari. Look at all those baby squid!
For those of you who have dined with me, I love fried calamari. All my co-workers who I have travelled with know that if calamari is on the list of appetizers, I'll usually order a plate.  These calamari were a bit different from the typical calamari we eat back in the States. These were tiny squid instead of squid rings. They kind of reminded me of the fried squid sold from the Rada's Piroshki on Fort Street Mall back in Hawaii. 
Seafood Paella. We figured that we should order paella at least once in Spain.  This restaurant serves a non-traditional paella without the saffron.  The two-person portion was huge and Mike and I were unable to finish all that rice!
This is my plate! The chef brought the paella pan to the table and portioned it out for us. 
Hazelnut Three Ways~
This dessert reminds me of the soy three ways dessert that I had at Morimoto's last year.  Hazelnuts were the feature of this dessert. Caramelized hazelnuts, a hazelnut cake, paste, gelato, and a mousse.  It was interesting concept, but not something I would rave about.


K and S said...

everything sounds and looks so good!

genkitummy said...

Kat-It was delicious, but not my favorite in Spain.