Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spain Cheap Eats (This is why Mike liked Spain)

This post will attempt to provide you all an insight into how many sandwiches and cups of beer Mike ate and drank in Spain. 
Cerveceria 100 Monoditos.  I think the translation is Beer and Mini Sandwich Store.  Mike thought that this chain restaurant was probably Spain's equivalent to McDonald's. The menu includes over 100 types of small sandwiches ranging from 1-2.5 EurosThere were a couple of days that we would start our morning off at 10am and Mike would order a 1Euro (~$1.60 US) Beer and a couple of monoditos for about 1 Euro each for breakfast.  The quality was average, but I think Mike enjoyed this place even more because of the prices. 
Then Mike fell in love with Museo del Jamon, another cheap sandwich and beer place.

These stores were all over the place in Spain and all of them were always crowded. You had to slowly inch your way to the front counter so that you could order and have standing bar space. 
Free slices of chorizo sausage. 
Croissant with jamon serrano.
Chorizo on french bread.  Mike thought that the chorizo in Spain was much better than chorizo he has eaten in the US. 
And why did Mike like this place?  A mug of beer was 0.80 Euros and most of the sandwiches were 1 euro.  Did you have to ask?

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