Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barcelona, Spain~Sagardi

My sister called me last night and was worried because she had not heard from me in a couple of weeks and I had not blogged in a while.  So here I am continuing with the Spain highlights.
I don't know where all the time went.  We did take a mini vacation to San Francisco one weekend, but other than that, I'm not sure where our free time goes.  Maybe it's Mike's new 2012 rule of "30 minutes of cleaning" every night. He figured that if we clean a little each night, we wouldn't spend a huge chunk of our weekend cleaning.  It's funny that he instituted the rule, yet I'm the one that's been following it...hmmmm....
Here's another bar that we went to for some pinchos.  This place was mentioned in Rick Steves' Spain guidebook.
All the pinchos cost the same, and at Sagardi it was about 1.70 Euros a piece.

The pincho on the top left corner is tuna salad topped with some onion strands. The one on the right is a potato pancake on top of bread.
Mike liked this pincho. It's green olives, anchovies, and green peppers.  This pincho is so much smaller than the other pinchos that I had a difficult time choosing anything that looked skimpy.

Salmon with grated onion
Seafood salad with shredded hard boiled egg.  I picked this one because I wondered what the shredded white ingredient on the top was.  I thought it was cheese, but when I found out it was egg, I thought that it was a neat garnish that could be used on other foods.

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Mmmm... It looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing!