Monday, January 30, 2012

Seville, Spain~Cheap Bar Snacks

Mike and I found this "Bodega Santa Cruz" through Trip Advisor. We were trying to find a tapas bar to eat at prior to watching a Flamenco show and searched the area that we would be in. It was this small bustling little bar with an attentive staff and tasty home-cooked tapas.

I forgot what the name of this dish was, but it was a thick chunky vegetable stew.
"Huevos Fritas" (Fried Eggs???). Mike wanted to try a Spain speciality which included fried eggs, but was surprised when he received a plate of fried bull testicles.  Apparently "Huevos Fritas" is a slang term for testicles. Mike manned up and attempted to eat those spongy veined banana-looking things.  I tried a bite and then stopped. 
"Revuelto de verduras y Gambas." It's basically scrambled eggs with vegetables and shrimp.  It was a simple hearty dish.
"Anchoas Fritas" (Fried Anchovies).  This tapa was another dish that I wanted to try in Spain.  I expected to really enjoy this dish, but I think that the anchovies were bigger than what I had imagined, so I could not eat the bones and had to be careful when I chewed.
Paella. Mike really enjoyed this paella. I thought that this is what a authentic home-cooked paella would taste like. 

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