Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hawaii Restaurants~The Honolulu Burger Company

Last Fall, I purchased a groupon coupon for the Honolulu Burger Company and paid $5 for a $10 certificate. I had read an article in the about this burger place and wanted to check it out while Mike and I were back home for the winter holidays. It's a locally-owned restaurant that serves Big Island range fed beef. 

Apparently a lot of people happened to be redeeming their groupon coupons at the same time, because the customer before us and a few customers behind us had coupons in their hand.
I apologize for the blurry image, this was the best picture I took of the burger. Mike and I were in a rush to get somewhere, that  I had to take a picture of the burger in the car.  We just ordered the classic XL burger ($6.89) with lettuce, tomatoes, sauteed onions, and your choice of dressings.  There is a large array of cheeses, toppings (kim chee, bacon, spam, etc) and sauces (ko choo jang aioli, BBQ, horseradish cream, and others) that you can add to your burger, but I just settled for the addition of a sweet chili aioli.
We both thought that the burger was tasty, except it was lacking a little flavor.  If there had been more sweet chili aioli or if we had chosen another sauce, I'm certain that we would have enjoyed the burger more.  Our sweet potato fries that we ordered came with the Big Island Honey Mustard, so we poured some of that mustard on our burger and it was wonderful!
Mike and I really enjoyed these sweet potato fries served with the Big Island Honey Mustard Sauce. Sweet potato fries are usually a hit or miss at restaurants.  They are either over-fried and too crispy to taste the sweetness of the sweet potato. Then there are those sweet potato fries that are undercooked and you are chomping down on almost raw potato pieces.  These sweet potato fries did not fall into the two previously mentioned categories. They  were perfectly fried, they were cut large enough to taste the sweet potato, but not an under-cooked piece of raw potato. 
Here's Mike's analysis of the fries-"They were good, I liked the extra seasoning on the fries and the honey mustard sauce that were served with the fries."

Honolulu Burger Company
1295 S. Beretania Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
(808) 626-5202

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Anonymous said...

I just can't sway from Teddy's Bigger Burgers & my fish sandwich with tator tots.

I heard mixed reviews about this one.