Tuesday, January 18, 2011

London~Fish and Chips

Whew! That was a quick view of our food experiences in Paris in a nutshell. Moving on to the less exciting London food experiences.
Mike was adamant that we had to eat fish and chips at a pub and drink some kind of local beer.  Here's his beer.
The customary Fish and Chips with mushy peas with mint. 
Here's the dish I ordered...and then quickly gave to Mike.It's called "Welsh Rarebit" and is supposed to be composed of toast covered in mixture of butter, cream, and cheese. Well it was covered in all that goodness, except I was not expecting the strong Dijon Mustard almost horseradish taste to come with it. 
Mike was surprised I would order it because, your natural instinct is to think that this is some kind of rabbit (the words look almost like "welsh rabbit").  Come on, it's basically cheese toast. Plus I saw it in a cookbook and wanted to try an authentic version of it before I attempted it at home. 

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