Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bath, UK ~The Roman Baths, and The Pump Room

My dad mentioned that a friend of his loved English teas in the UK. Since our trip to London and the UK was a short three days, we had a difficult time squeezing in an afternoon tea.  Luckily, while visiting the Roman Baths in Bath, UK on a tour, Mike and I decided to stop by the Pump Room for a quick afternoon tea.

Sugar Cubes. Every time I see sugar cubes I think back to a book I read about horses and how this little boy used to sneak his horse some sugar cubes. 
I ordered the Traditional Pump Room Tea. 
My assortment of pastries, scones, and finger sandwiches!
Mike was really hungry and did not want to eat finger sandwiches and scones, so he ordered a ham sandwich and potato wedges.
A love ketchup. We had to ask for ketchup during our tea service.  It was brought to us in a little bowl.

The Roman Baths, Stall Street, Bath


Old Cow said...

I used to live in Bath and would you believe it? I have never been to the Pump Rooms. I ought to rectify this!

~Holly~ said...

What a wonderful spot of tea. Hee hee, looks like a nice treat!

genkitummy said...

Old Cow-Hi! Wow, you lived in Bath? It's a cute little town. It was a neat place to visit and the Pump Room was a great way to end our tour of the touristy Baths