Tuesday, December 21, 2010

London and Paris~Random Foods

Oh my goodness, it feels like I never have enough time in the day to sit down and blog. I really enjoy blogging about Mike and my food adventures, but there are only so many free hours left in the day after we come home from work. We've chosen to hang out with friends and participate in other activities, and at the end of the year there are always much more get togethers because of all the holidays. 
   The other night I actually had some time to crop pictures in photoshop and set up some blog posts as Mike watched football and was excited to find out that he's in the finals for his fantasy football league.  Here are some of the miscellaneous pictures of the different foods that we ate in the UK and Paris. 
A McDonald's apple pie was the first snack we ate in London. Can you believe it?  Mike adamently wanted to order an apple pie at McDonald's.  At first I was a little confused, but then I realized that McDonald's apple pies in foreign countries are DEEP-FRIED.  In general, most McDonald's serve baked apple pies. I've heard that there are some McDonald's in aiports or Wal-marts that serve fried apple pies, but I checked the DFW airport and several Walm-marts and this has not been true in Texas.  There's even a website that you can find the McDonald's that serves fried pies. 
My breakfast in London. We had to wake up early to catch our tour bus, so I bought a bottled mango lassi yogurt drink. How cool is that?  
Spinach and goat cheese quiche.
"French Pizza Bread with lardo" (I hope that wasn't real lard on it. I think it was topped with cheese and mayonnaise.
A rolo McFlurry at McDonald's. We didn't order this, but I thought it was neat to see a different flavored mcflurry flavor.

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K and S said...

wow! I didn't realize they aren't fried in the States anymore. Happy Holidays!