Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Texas Restaurants~Fireside Pies and La Duni

My last book club meeting with the girls started off with dinner at Fireside Pies, some shopping therapy at Nordstrom Rack, and commenced with dessert at La Duni. It was a nice night with good food and great company. 
I forgot the name of the salad we ordered, but it was good. It contained pears, cranberries, pecans(?), cheese, and a vinaigrette.  I thought it was funny that of the four of us, three of us did not like the strong tasting Gorgonzola cheese, yet were too polite to tell the whole group. Mental note to self, voice my opinion on my finicky food choices.
Peta Pie-Goat Cheese, balsamic mustard portabellos, arugula, roasted red peppers, and pine nuts.  Yummy!
Fireside (Wagyu beef?) meatball pizza-It was interesting to see a pizza with six large meatballs, but this pizza was surprisingly tasty.  I always wondered how people ate those meatball subs from Subway. I conquered this pizza by smashing those meatballs and distributing on the top of my slice.

After dinner and shopping, we went to, La Duni's is a family-owned Latin Cafe. Apparently this place has a great brunch and dinner menu.  Even though we were there at about 8pm at night, there were still diners in the restaurant, and they all seemed to be enjoying their meals.  Mike and I will have to check this place out in the future.
We had started the night off with pizza at Fireside Pies, so we decided to order the Duni Cake Sample Platter ($21) which consisted of four pieces of cake. The regular price per piece was $7.25, so  it's like we received one cake piece free.   
Cuatro Leches Cake-You only need to know a little bit of Spanish to know that there are 4 types of cream in this cake. No, it goes one cream beyond a tres leche cake.  Although I'm not exactly sure where and what the fourth type of cream is.
Panque de Lemon-Vanilla sponge cake, layered with a lemon-lime citrus custard.

Rollo de Canela y Nuez (I have no idea what that means...rolled something)-It was basically a dense sticky bun/cinnamon roll, topped with caramelized pecans and served with ice cream. This totally could have been executed better. If only it were a warm, indulgent, gooey cinnabun type roll/brioche, this would have been delicious. 
Venezuelan Triple Chocolate Truffle Cake-Espresso Chocolate cake layered with milk, semi-sweet, and dark chocolate truffle.

We all thought that the cakes were average tasting and a bit on the dry side. I felt like the cakes almost had a texture similar to cornbread (which is not a good thing in my book, I enjoy soft fluffy cakes).  One of the girls (who loves La Duni) mentioned that the cakes were not as good as she remembered. We're giving La Duni the benefit of the doubt and are assuming that the pastry chef was on vacation when we went there).

La Duni
4620 McKinney Avenue
They do not accept reservations

Fireside Pies
2820 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX 75206


Dannyboy said...

Yummy .... I recommend this to my friends.

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Kendell said...

when were you in my area of town.....and why didn't you stop by?

food looks yummy :)

genkitummy said...

kendell-i didn't realize i was close to where you live. i still don't know where everything is in dallas. i thought that you just lived in a place far faw away. :P we went there back in september or something.