Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pierre Herme French Macarons

When Mike and I started planning for our trip to London and Paris, Mike was in charge of planning out London and I was in charge of Paris.  On my list of places to visit was "Pierre Herme", which is famous for french macarons.
After succumbing to the fact that the majority of things in Paris were expensive, I didn't even blink an eyelash at the fact that I paid ~12 euros for 7 macaroons.  It didn't seem so bad; until I paid off my credit card bill with the currency conversion back to US dollars. 
I was quite excited to taste Pierre Herme's macaroons after always reading about them in various food blogs. I also wanted to taste these macaroons, so that I had an idea of what I was striving for in the kitchen.
I was wondering why all my macarons seemed to have a brown autumn tone to them, until I drew the conclusion that Pierre Herme must offer macaroons to match the season. 

Here's our box of macaroons. 
Creme Brulee, Salted Caramel, Green Tea and Chestnut, Chocolate and Cassis, Coing and Rose (Pear and Rose), Chocolate and Passion Fruit, Dark Chocolate.
The white truffle macaroon had to be packaged separately from the rest of the macaroons, because the aroma would overpower the other macaroons. The white truffle macaroon was surprisingly good, but I'd have to say that my favorite was the Chocolate and Passion Fruit and the Green Tea and Chestnut. 

Pierre Herme macaroons were very flavorful and contained a lot of filling.  I also liked how there were a lot of non-traditional flavors to choose from. If I had to choose between Pierre Herme and Laduree, I think I'd choose Laduree's macaroons because I think there was more balance between the outershell and the filling.

Here is another dessert that we tried from Pierre Herme.  I think it was called a chocolate box or something. The chocolate was good, but I'd reccommend spending your money on macarons instead of this dessert. 


tranytran said...

yum it is. i had never had a macaroon until you brought yours over.

genkitummy said...

Tran-Hi! I'll try to perfect my macarons so that you will find out what a real one is supposed to taste like. :)