Friday, September 10, 2010

Texas Restaurants~Nobu

I picked this restaurant without knowing very much about the Nobu restaurant.  I told my mom that I was thinking about canceling this reservation and she mentioned that the Nobu's Hawaii location was receiving good reviews.  Mike and I decided to make this past Saturday a date night and went to the Dallas Symphony's Gershwin Favorites concerts after our dinner at Nobu. 

Here's Nobu's Restaurant Week menu.
Mixed Green Salas with Matsuhisa "Soy Onion" Dressing and Miso Soup.
For a few minutes, I could not figure out why I wasn't enjoying the salad as much as Mike. Then I realized there was wasabi in the dressing (I do not like wasabi).  Mike realized it before me and was surprised that I had been eating the salad.  My salad was then transferred to Mike's side of the table.

 Appetizer: California Roll

Appetizer: Chef's Choice-Rainbow Roll

Beef Tenderloin with Wasabi Pepper Sauce
Mike chose this against his instinct.  He knew that another beef dish would wane in comparison to the steak we ate at Tim Love's Lonesome Dove. 
Chef's Choice Restaurant Week Special Dish-Sea bass cooked tempura-style with two dipping sauces and chips.  I think this was a upscale version of Japanese fish and chips. 

Green Tea and Mango Mochi Ice Cream

Nobu's recap. We enjoyed d the food at Nobu's and probably would have liked it more if we hadn't gone to Lonesome Dove the week prior. The sushi was at par to your average sushi back home in Hawaii (yeah, we are spoiled), and overall, it's hard for us to compare mainland Japanese food to Japanese food served in Hawaii.

While we were enjoying our dinner at Nobu's, Mike and I ranked our favorite restaurant that we dined at.  We decided that Lonesome Dove was the overall winner for our favorite restaurant.  Nobu's won for best ambiance. Loft 610 came in a close second for best main dish, but Mike's complaint was that the portion was smaller than he wanted. 

Oh and here's a random anecdote:
A few weeks ago, I was asked how Mike and I can afford to eat at all these expensive restaurants.  I replied that it was "Restaurant Week" so the meals were cheaper.  Then my co-worker said, "Are you guys DINKS?"  I gave him a blank stare.  He then replied, "Dual Income, No Kids."  Never heard that term before, but yes, we are DINKS.

400 Crescent Court
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 252-7000

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surferygrl66 said...

omg i just went to the one in waikiki for my sister's bday. it was good there. morimoto is opening a restaurant in waikiki later this month too so when you get home we should try there :D