Monday, September 6, 2010

Burner or Cutter?

I once had a conversation with a few friends about whether I was a "burner" or a "cutter" in the kitchen. I immediately answered that I was a cutter because I end up slicing pieces of my nail or my finger when I use a vegetable peeler.  Well times are a'changing, because in the past month, I think I have become a "burner."
 See that picture's a picture of a second degree burn on my stomach on Friday night a few hours after I somehow managed to splash some boiling water on myself as I was draining some spaghetti noodles. I screamed a shrill cry of pain, lifted my shirt off my skin, and Mike came to my rescue with cold water.
I then found comfort in a few bags of frozen vegetables (mental note to self-keep frozen veggies in the freezer for emergencies), until I had to take those vegetables off and go to sleep. Then I found comfort in a few aspirin.  If you all know me, I hate taking meds unless I absolutely need them.  Well, I needed them that night. 
Over the past couple of days the blisters have burst (the largest one had about 1.5T of fluid) and it hurts to run. I will probably have a large crescent scar near my belly button, but I guess that's better than the horse-shaped steam scar my dad received years ago when he opened the double-boiler before he released the pressure. 


Kendell said...

OMG.....that looks painful!
I'm sorry hun.

Tien said...

Oh, my gosh. I hope that you are ok. It looks so painful. -Tien

K and S said...

owee! hope you feel better soon! I usually cut my fingernails while slicing things.

Erika said...

yikes! hope it heals quickly.

On an unrelated note, I saw that your functional beverage DA article was not only published in JFS, but was featured in the weekly IFT newsletter. Too cool! congrats.

Anonymous said...


Take care.


Chou said...

Lauren, OUCH! I'm so sorry.

genkitummy said...

Thanks for all the concern everyone. My burn is now MUCH better. All the blisters are gone and I'm on my second round of peeling.

Erika-Thanks for letting me know about the JFS article. Kendell saw it at work the other day and forwarded to all the UIUC alumni at work.