Friday, September 17, 2010

Austin, TX~Round Rock Donuts

Mike and I had planned a drop down south to Austin, TX (~ 3 hour drive from Dallas) during Labor Day weekend.  Then the night before we were supposed to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to make the trek down to Austin, silly Lauren burnt herself.  We debated whether we wanted to still keep our plans since we had booked our hotel, booked our bat cruise, and were excited about all the restaurants we would check out.  My frugality won over the pain of the burn, so I popped a tylenol and we left at around 8am for a weekend full of shopping and eating. 

We arrived in Round Rock, TX (a city just north of Austin) at around 10:45am, and this begins our weekend of stuffing our faces.  Our first stop was Round Rock donuts. 
Mmmm....donuts. Everyone, I mean a bunch of people at work and a friend that I run with were telling me that I had to stop at Round Rock donuts on the drive down.  Boy did they steer us in the right direction! Donuts and breakfast pastries are not on the top of my list of favorite foods, but maybe these donuts might creep their way up my list. 

We didn't order these huge donut. We knew that we'd be eating all weekend, so we refrained from purchasing this donut. 
I ordered the original donut and it was AMAZING!  I think Mike only had two bites of it because I was hogging the whole thing. Visually, I would not consider this donut an appealing or attractive donut.  But, the light airy texture of the donut was wonderful.

The donuts are an unnatural shade of orange (due to food coloring), but do not let that deter you from partaking in this soft fried dough ring of deliciousness.  For those of you back home in Hawaii, think of the softest malasada that you have ever eaten and cross it with soft potato bread.  These donuts were lighter in texture than Krispy Kreme donuts.
Apple Fritter...Mike loves apple fritters. He enjoyed this one because of the large surface area of fried batter. 
Jalapeno, Cheese, and sausage (I think that's what was in it)  kolache.  Mike enjoyed this too. 
106 W. Liberty
Round Rock, TX
(512) 255-3629


Anonymous said...

Why do they add food coloring to their donuts? Perhaps it's like adding yellow food coloring to sweet bread.


genkitummy said...

I'm not sure whey they add the extra food coloring to their donuts. Maybe to distinguish the donuts from other bakeries.