Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Experiment

Mike and I are scientists at heart. Well, at least I'm a scientist at heart and I drag him along with all my crazy ideas.  Last week was momentous for us. We *gasp* got rid of our cable service. 

We decided to cancel our cable for the following reasons:
1. We wanted spend more time participating in other activities, rather than vegging out in front of the TV.
2. In the (far far away) future when we have kids, I'm debating whether we want to have cable TV. I'm testing this "no cable" rule first.
3. We save about $90/month without cable--extra bonus
 Of course there is a clause in this experiment that if we cannot handle the absence of cable, we can order it again.

Unfortunately, the major downside to this transition is that we lost our Internet in the process.  This was not planned at all; I made sure that I overlapped the installation of our Internet and disconnection of our cable by one week.  But ATT messed up our order, so Mike and I have been without Internet at home for about one week.  Now THAT's a big deal for us.  I cannot even remember what it was like before there was the Internet.  So yes, we're currently going through withdrawals (which sounds mildly pathetic).


K and S said...

my cousin doesn't have cable either, satoshi freaked out when we went to visit them saying "what are we going to do there?" now that they have a son, they let him watch dvds but not tv.

Chou said...

Oh. That hurts (the internet loss, not the cable). Wired had a nice article last month on going cable free, you may enjoy it.

genkitummy said...

Kat- I think I'd be just like Satoshi and freak out too without cable. It bums me out when I come home and realize that if I turn on the tv nothing will show up.

Chou-We finally got our cable up and running on Friday. ATT had to come and check out our wires at our apartment. Get this, the window of time they gave me to wait at my house was 8am-8pm! Of course I couldn't wait at my house for 12 hours straight!

suraya said...

I have lived without cable and internet for about 18 months now. Both are actually easy to live without. And you have someone else to talk to, I just talk to me dog. . .

genkitummy said...

Suraya-Wow! 18 months without cable and internet! How do you survive without internet? Yeah, I have Mike to talk to when he's not working long hours. I find that I am now reading more a lot more books.