Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hawaii~Kauai Chocolates and married life quirks

I always start craving chocolate when I read Kat's posts about all the chocolate she tastes. It makes me want to go out and buy some expensive dark chocolate, but I try to resist the temptation.
While I was back home in Hawaii, Mike's mom (a.k.a. my "mom") brought me back some Kauai chocolates from her trip to Kauai.

***Okay, here's a short side tangent about married life and my new "parents." My "real?" (that sounds awkward, my "birth") parents thought it would be a fun game to charge Mike and me one dollar every time we refer to each others' parents as "Mr.___" or "Mrs.___" instead of "mom" or "dad."

Since we've been married, Mike has paid my parents about $7. He even gets harassed by my real mother when he refers to my real dad as "Mr.___" while having a conversation with my mom. And Lauren has paid...$0. How? Because while we were dating for those five years, I rarely called Mike's parents by name or a "hey you." I usually used the elusive tap on the shoulder or avoided using their name.
Think about it, you can call your friends' parents "aunty" or "uncle" but really, that won't fly when referring to your your bf or gf's parents. Most of my girlfriends have this issue with the 'rents of their significant others. Oh and here's the funny thing, I have and had no problem calling Mike's aunts, uncles, and grandparents "aunty ___" or "grandpa ___." Go figure. I guess it's some mental block on my part.

The in-laws are cracking down on me though. When Mike and I talk on the phone, they shout, "Hi daughter" and I have to respond with "Hi dad!" or "Hi mom!" over the phone. Talk about a sweat-induced panic attack. But it's getting better, and like my real mom says, she's just helping us out so it will not be awkward in the future.

Back to those wonderfully delicious chocolate morsels of goodness.
These are the "chocolate opihi." How cute is that? They look like chocolate-covered peeps, but oh no, they are so much better than peeps.
It's a shortbread cookie, topped with caramel and a whole macadamia nut, enrobed in dark chocolate. Mmmmm...I wish I had thought of them first and then could sell these things as Hawaii omiyage. Mom, thanks for the chocolates!
Kauai Chocolates
Port Allen Marina Center
4341 Waialo Road
Ele'ele, Kauai


K and S said...

those look really good!

chou said...

These look fabulous! Ben has somehow managed to avoid addressing my parents by name for years. This is a good idea, we'll have to explore it. Except then I'll be really poor. I tried calling his parents mom and dad, but they ignored me, so I switched to their names.

genkitummy said...

These chocolates were tasty!

The whole in-laws name-calling is such a dilemma.
I cannot believe they ignored you, chou. I think if mike called my parents by their first names they might ignore him.