Sunday, May 10, 2009

Curiosity Challenge~Squash Blossoms

I've always wanted to cook with squash blossoms. When I was back home in Hawaii I was able to get my hands on some squash blossoms from Chinatown for $2. I didn't know how to prepare or cook them so they ended up sitting in the fridge for a couple of days before I decided to cook them.
I've heard of "stuffed squash blossoms" before, so decided to stuff the flowers with random ingredients I found around my parents house. I wasn't very creative and decided to stuff the blossoms with raw garlic and mozzarella cheese.
I filled the blossoms with my garlic cheese concoction and gently twisted the petals together.
Then I quickly battered the blossoms with an egg dip followed by a cornstarch coating.

I pan fried the blossoms are here are the results. My mom really liked the final result. She thought that the cooked blossoms had almost a meat-like texture. Personally, I thought the texture was more like a meat-substitute texture (almost mushroomy).
With the broken blossoms, I chopped them up and quickly stir-fried them in garlic and made a squash blossom and mozzarella cheese quesadilla.
Would I purchase and cook squash blossoms again? Probably not, unless I was trying to impress someone. They tasted good, but were definitely not worth the effort to clean, cook, and stuff.

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