Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hawaii Restaurants~Restaurant EPIC

Mike and I were planning on going to Imanas Tei with Mike's aunty on a Monday night, but a couple of hours prior to meeting up for dinner, Mike's aunty calls us and tells us that Imanas was booked. Yeah, silly Mike and me forgot to make reservations. So we scrambled to decide on a place for dinner. We called Le Bistro, but they only had reservations for 8pm. So we decided to go to Restaurant Epic, which serves Euro-Asian food.
I was a bit hesitant about going to the restaurant because of the mixed reviews and the fact that I had not heard much about it after it closed and reopened only two months after their initial opening in 2007.

Lemongrass Clams (my favorite appetizer, but this might have been because I haven't eaten clams in a while)
Asian-Style Duck Quesadilla (yummy too, and I'm not a fan of duck)

We were pleasantly surprised with the food. We had reservations for an early dinner, so were lucky enough to order off the "Happy Hour" specials. The appetizer prices range from $4-$10. Mike decided to order a bunch of appetizers for his meal and eat my steak since I'm not a big meat eater.
Overall, the appetizers were tasty. If I were working downtown, I'd probably alternate between Indigo's martini happy hour (and free buffet appetizers if you're lucky) and Restaurant Epic's happy hour.
Parmesan Crispy Calamari (our least favorite appetizer)
Kalua Pork Spring Rolls (Mike's favorite appetizer)

Mike's aunty and I both had the 5-course tasting menu, which was only $30. The tasting menu changes each month, but April's menu was tasty and worth it! We both were unable to finish our meals.
My only complaint about the food was that my salmon dish was too salty (I think it was soaked in the teriyaki sauce too long). I tried some of Mike's aunty's fish and her dish was perfect, so I guess the restaurant should have better quality control.
Course1-Mesclun Salad
Course 2-Seafood Gyoza
Course 3-Teriyaki Broiled Wild King SalmonCourse 4-Filet Mignon
Course 5-Warm Bread Pudding

Overall, Mike and I would recommend this place. He said he liked the food better than Roy's, but I think that's because the last time we went to Roy's his meat was really salty. For the price, Restaurant Epic is a better deal than Roy's and if you go there for the Happy Hour, you won't be disappointed.

Restaurant Epic (Last time I checked, this link was not working, so hopefully it will work by the time this is posted)
1131 Nuuanu Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96817

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