Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Research Chefs Association (RCA) Conference Part 1

We're back from our short but eventful trip to the Research Chefs Association's (RCA) conference. I'll be posting pictures of all the food that we partook in and events that we participated in. Here's one of the highlights of my trip. We met Richard Blais from Top Chef Season 4-Chicago. If you do not know who Richard Blais is, he's the guy who did the "molecular gastronomy" cooking, but wasn't the arrogant mad scientist guy from the previous season. Personally, I think he should have won the season, but Stephanie, the girl who won that season was pretty good too. I just felt that through out the show, the producers were trying to push for a girl to win the season. Stephanie was consistent and didn't mess up in the finale. And if we've learned anything this past season of "Top Chef," a mediocre guy can win just because he did not mess up in the finale (this is in reference to Hosea's win). Yeah, after this season I think I'm going to refrain from adding "Top Chef" to my TV lineup.
When I watch these reality TV shows like "Top Chef" or "American Idol" I end up rooting for the contestants who seem like nice people. For example, my favorite this season of AI is Anoop. Do I think he has the best voice or that he is going to win? No, but I sure hope so. In reality (or in Vegas for that matter) I'm sure the odds are in favor of Adam (the Broadway singer) winning AI this season.
I digressed...my point was that Richard Blais is down to earth. My friends and I concluded that he seems like a star that did not want the spotlight. His "molecular gastronomy" session was speckled with self-depreciating humor and tidbits about "Star Wars" and "Top Chef," but I think that's what made him likable. Blais's "Tongue and Cheek" sous-vide pickled beef tongue and pork cheek with a yogurt ravioli (sodium alginate/calcium lactate reaction) over a picked beet and pear relish, with a horseradish foam all served in a petri dish.
And for kicks (and Derek) I took a picture with Louis Petrozza. I never became a fan of watching "Hell's Kitchen" but I did watch the season 4's finale and I thought this guy should have won that season. After talking to Derek, he said that Petrozza was the guy to watch during the season and he didn't win because he was much older than the girl who won.

So, I did not pull a "Bayless" as we now call it. Please refer to my previous post about my missed opportunity to meet Rick Bayless. When in the company of a famous person or someone I want to meet, I am not going to hesistate for a milisecond. I am just going to tap him/her on the shoulder and introduce myself. I am such a groupie....argghh.


Erika said...

I'm gonna steal the photos from this post, hope that's ok!

Derek said...

Holy cows, you are so awesome. Darn, if only I could photoshop my pic in place of yours, LOL (j/k).
Glad you had lots of fun and didn't pull a Bayless. You always seem to have the best-est adventures

Lori said...

Glad to hear you had a fun time!