Monday, March 16, 2009

Going home to Hawaii!

I'll be back in the islands for a few days! Yippee! A couple of months ago I snagged a roundtrip ticket from Chicago to Honolulu for $385 RT on American Airlines. I haven't been back since last August when Mike and I got married. He's been back since February, so it'll be nice to see him again. I'll also be able to see my friends, go to the beach, and dog-sit the rascals back home.

Here's the foods and restaurants I would like to visit:

Restaurants and shops
*Roy's (preferably the Hawaii Kai one)
*Imanas Tei (to try their chanko nabe)
*Le Bistro (I want to try it after reading Lori's review)
*Kuru kuru sushi
*Zippy's (even though Mike doesn't like it)
*Rainbow Drive Inn (can you believe, I've never eaten there in my life?)

*my mom's cooking
* fresh fish...none of this frozen white fish (tilapia, cod, etc) they sell in the midwest
*squid luau
*good dim sim
*good local chinese food
*shave ice w/ ice cream and red beans
*korean sushi
*samurai maui-style sherbet
*Dave's ice cream lychee sherbet

I'm not sure what other restaurants I want to visit. I think I'll be searching and reading Hawaii food blogs for inspiration.
Any suggestions on restaurants and foods that are a must? Or do you know of any places that serve any of the foods I listed?


Diana said...

You lucky girl! I'm so excited that you not only get to go to Hawaii, but especially that you get to see Mike.

I love the Greek the restaurant in Koko Marina shopping center. I've never found one as good as that one. I also love Eggs and Things for a midnight breakfast. I don't know if you have D&B's in Chicago but we don't in Washington so I'd go there for their Parmesan Chicken Caesar Salad. It's my fav salad ever! I have more but I'll stop :)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully I won't cause any issues but I think that I can make a few timely suggestions here.

If you like Imanas Tei you might also enjoy Tokurri Tei on Kapahulu. The bonus here is Leonard's is right down the street and Dave's is next door - the Hamachi Kama is wonderful.

We just had lunch at Legend's which is good but a bit pricy for Dim Sum and Helena's Luau Squid is pretty good.

I don't know if you have a favorite for shave ice but I like Shimazu Store. FYI - I went to Waiola on Kapahulu the other day and the size of the ice was tiny!

Also, if you like Sukiyaki I just tried the all you can eat Sukiyaki at Sushi Bistro Shun and it is Very Good!

Alan from Makiki

K and S said...

great list, I usually get korean sushi from Palama market.

Lori said...

Sounds like a great list you have there! :)

genkitummy said...

Diana-Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to check out that Greek restaurant if I make it to that side of the island.

Alan-Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I have more restaurants to check out! I've never been to Imanas Tei or Tokurri Tei, so maybe I'll go to Tokurri Tei instead. Where's Shimazu Store? I've never heard of it. I've got to check that out.

Kat-Mmmmm....I like Palama Market's kim bap. It's so good!

Lori-I'm quite excited about the list of restaurants. Thanks for always blogging about restaurant so I know what restaurants I want to visit when I'm home!

Kendell said...

ZIPPY'S I'm really sad that my mom and i didn't hit that up.....just for fun!!!!