Friday, March 27, 2009

Product Reviews~Walky Walky and Margarita Chip Shots

A few weeks ago I posted about my adoration for beer chips. So I tried another flavor of this product called Margarita Chip Shots and was extremely disappointed.
Look at all that salt and lime flavor crystals(?) in the package. I understand that margarita glasses are usually rimmed with salt; but it was just too much going on for me. Moving on to a product that I thoroughly enjoyed. Glico's Walk Walky. This is the company that makes those wonderfully delicious Pocky sticks.'s sad to admit it, but I ate the whole thing in one sitting. I rationalized with myself and said that the package was deceiving and was only half-filled. The Nutritional Facts label stated that one package was equivalent to one serving and contained 280 Calories. These little pellets are best described as pellets the size of Choco Babies that taste just like the coated portion of pocky sticks.
Aaron and I were first introduced to this snack while attending a session at the Research Chefs Association's conference. The session was about how to target the millennial generation when developing food products. This product was used as an example of an appealing product to gen Y-ers (which is the market segment Aaron and I both fall into). It's super portable for on-the-go trendy consumers who seek non-messy food products they can consume while surfing the internet, texting their friends, or are walking while using cell phones. As you can see, the packaging is just like a coffee cup with a pop lid.
I'm assuming they sell Walky Walky back home in Hawaii, but if not you can purchase them at Amko for $2.39.


Razzie said...

mmm...mine were good, I just finished them, I have been snacking on them at work since yesterday. Though I did find it difficult to get every single last one out of the cup, you had to keep shaking and really tip the cup back... have fun in Hawaii!

chou said...

The chips sounded good at first . . . :) I want to try the fun things you discover.

Diana said...

Oooh, I love Pocky sticks! I'll have to look for the Walky Walky at our Asian grocer. By the way, they changed the DB posting date, but said it's okay if you still post on the 29th. Everyone has been very confused, including me!