Monday, February 23, 2009

Product Reviews

I am a snacker. I am also a food scientist....and surrounded by fellow food scientists who like to eat. I take pleasure in leisurely walking down the aisles at grocery stores and purchasing new products that are out on the market.

Here's some of the new products I've tasted this past few weeks.

Erika brought these back from Trader Joe's in Chicago. I was really intrigued and excited when she brought in these "Cookies with Perks" which are coffee cookies with chocolate chips. I took one bite and couldn't finish it. It was not a crowd-pleaser in our lab. The cookies had savory notes to it and almost had a meaty quality (I think it's because it was quite salty). Blah. So my advice, do not waste your money on these cookies. Instead, buy the mini chocolate chip cookie those cookies are addicting.

Moving on to Beer chips. I'm not a fan of potato chips. Give me Cheetos, Doritos, or Fritos before potato chips. But something about these beer chips makes me really like them. Maybe it's the kettle-cooked texture of the chips, or the slightly sweet taste to the chips, or maybe I'm just stressed and these potato chips satisfy my need for something fatty, salty, and crunchy. I don't even like drinking beer, but I like the taste of these chips.

So Monday is over. Only four more days of this panel. The dumb moment of the day was when I tried to convince the computer tech guy that whirling noises were coming from the computer. I had him almost convinced that it was the computer, until we both realized it was the fridge. So Erika, if you're reading this in India, the computer is fine. Anyways, it's okay the computer guy thinks I'm a little off, he's actually from Hawaii and my sister's high school classmate. What a small world!


chou said...

Those cookies sound nasty!

genkitummy said...

If you were still here, you'd think they were gross too. Plus if someone is eating it in lab, it stinks up the whole sensory lab. I had to put a post-it on the container saying, "if a panel is in session, do not eat these cookies!"