Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goats and Bagels-Prairie Fruit Farms

Doesn't this goat look like a dog with buggy eyes? It's still very cute to me.
My fascination with goats began when my dad told me the story of how we once had a goat out in the backyard/mountain. Apparently the goat was tied to a stake in the ground and ate all the vegetation in a circular area with a radius of the rope he was tied to. After that, I thought, man...I want a goat so I never have to do yard work. But then there is video footage of me at a petting zoo crying for my mom as a goat starting nuzzling my arm; so I admit, I'm slightly scared of these animals.

Anywhoo, last Saturday, a few of us took a morning drive to Prairie Fruit Farms to buy some local produce and breads and see the new 10-day old baby goats.
After reading a post by Lisa, i had to try "Stewart's Artisan Breads" bagels. Six bagels for $4.25 or $4.50(for flavored ones) seems like a steep price for bagels, especially when you can buy a 6-pack of Lender's bagels for $1.00 on sale. I bought the plain ones since I figured the best litmus test of a good bagel is to stick with the basics (just like the test for a good ice cream is to taste the vanilla flavor). Erika bought the egg bagels and was not too excited about them. She felt that they were too dense and that they " would probably bounce" if she threw one on the ground. I think I'm quoting her correctly.
I enjoyed my plain bagel after I lightly toasted it. I wasn't gaga over it and I am not sure if they tasted so good that I would wake up early on a Saturday morning to purchase them at the Urbana Farmer's Market.

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