Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Tang Dynasty

11:00 - Tang Dynasty

One of the more high-end Chinese restaurants in Urbana, Tang Dynasty has sparked my interest for several months, but we never did quite make it there. On a previous visit, Lauren and I were about to order some walnut shrimp, but opted to catch an earlier bus instead. This website claims that Tang Dynasty was voted in the "top 100 chin ease restaurant in 2006." All poor grammar jokes aside (too easy), this makes me wonder......what top 100 are they talking about? If it's in the US, that would be incredible, and we would be lucky to visit such a heralded restaurant. If it's in the top 100 of Urbana, that would not be so good. I'm not sure there even are 100 chin ease restaurants in Urbana. That makes the ranking almost an insult. It reminds me of the time I told my highschool english teacher, that in my 4 years there, she was definitely one of the top 4.....probably not #1 or #2, but definitely in the top 4. She didn't appreciate the humor so much.My first impression of Tang Dynasty was "Wow, this must be a really great place, because they took the time to garnish my cup of water with a green onion on the outside! It must be a garnish, because I'm sure they wouldn't just do a crappy job of washing dishes here." All sarcasm aside, Tang Dynasty redeemed itself, and Lauren and I both enjoyed the food. Feeling adventurous, we ordered the Happy Family meal, which the waiter described as "a combination of everything." On a side note, that is exactly how I would describe the BigFatUgly. There were definitely visions of a hoagie roll piled with kung pao chicken and sweet and sour shrimp going through my head.
After so much dessert and sweet stuff, Lauren and I were glad to get a savory meal.
The Happy Family meal was a stir fry of chicken, beef, pork, small shrimp, bay scallops, and vegetables in an oyster/chicken stock sauce. It had a lot of flavor, and was cooked perfectly. The vegetables were cooked but firm, and the scallops weren't overdone. It came with egg drop soup (a little salty), and fried rice. Lauren and I kept eating, and we had to stop ourselves and pack up the leftovers before things got out of hand.

$10 - plus tax and tip
Total spent - $105.59

Tang Dynasty (menu)
300 S Broadway Ave, Urbana, IL 61801

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