Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Mirabelle

10:00 - Mirabelle

Mirabelle is second of the stops on our adventure, that I've had the pleasure of visiting previously. It is small and unassuming, but take a look around, and you soon realize that you're dealing with a heavy-hitter. Their pastries and tarts look divine, but what really got me was their bread. We tried the rosemary and olive bread....sooo good. And the baguette was amazing too. Mirabelle was an easy choice for our restaurant tour.
Every good restaurant or bakery has its bad day. And that's what happened at Mirabelle today. Since we'd just eaten a bunch of sweets, we decided to play it safe and get sourdough bread (~$4). As soon as we purchased it, I opened the bag, let Lauren take a picture of it, then took a big bite. Unfortunately, it was really salty. The texture was great (could have been a little crispier), and general flavor was good, but there was just too much salt. Plus the workers were grumpier than usual today. They reminded me of friendlier versions of the soup nazi. I still highly recommend this place. To give a football analogy, today Mirabelle was like Ladanian Tomlinson in Fantasy Football 2008. Disappointing, but still good enough based on track record to be a top pick.

$4.39 - plus tax

Total spent - $95.59

Mirabelle (website)
124 W. Main St. , Urbana Il 61801

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