Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Lil Porgy's

17:00 - Lil Porgy's
Lil Porgy's is a locally-owned barbeque shop reasonably priced, daily specials. Saturday's special is a half rack of pork ribs for $6.99. I had to sit this restaurant out for the most part because I am not a fan of ribs or meat I have to chew off of bone. I did have a small taste of the ribs though. My stand in for this restaurant was my labmate Han Sub. Watching Han Sub eat ribs was much more enjoyable than consuming them on my own.
The moment you walk into Lil Porgy's, you know you are in for some good food. You can smell it. And not in a greasy, "I want to gag" way. The smell is wonderful. Sweet and a little bit spicy. And you know that there's some extremely good barbecue to be had.
We got the half-rack of pork ribs special. It came with steak fries, and even two pieces of bread underneath...sort of like a make-it-yourself rib sandwich. I think the bread was there to soak up any extra sauce. Erica described the rib texture as just right, tender enough that it almost falls apart, but not so overdone that all you have is a pile of shredded meat. Han Sub described them as good. I also liked them a lot, and thought they were just as tender as baby back ribs. We tried the mix (hot and mild mixed), and extra hot sauces. Neither was very hot, but they were both tangy, sweet, and a little smokey. I liked the extra hot better because it had a little kick.
Erica and I both had one rib, and Han Sub manned up, and polished off the rest of the plate! Here's now he did it! We only caught the tail end, so its not as messy, but still fun to watch. He'd probably want you to know that this was his first meal of the day. Unfortunately, Han Sub couldn't come along for the rest of the adventure. He had to go to a dinner. He picked up a whole rack of ribs to take with him.

$8.11 - plus tax and extra sauce
Total spent - $146.05

Lil Porgy's (website)
101 W University Ave, Urbana, IL 61801

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