Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Cakes on Walnut

18:00 - Cakes on Walnut
Cakes on Walnut is a new addition to downtown Champaign. It caters to the night crowd. We chose a pistacio-chocolate cupcake ($3.25), a fig-mascarpone cupcake($3.25), and a pear-wild turkey gelato ($2.75 with the cupcake).
While I was in the bathroom, Lauren and Erica selected the food. Cakes on Walnut was easily the nicest looking place we've visited so far. It felt like a trendy, bakery/nightime bar, which is what it is. You know, the kind of place I would never go to unless Lauren dragged me along. As a side story, the lady sitting on the left of the picutre above is the guy's mom. She was in from out of town to visit, and spent her day watching him work. What a great vacation! Well, at least he was giving her cupcakes. That counts for something! (still doesn't sound like a very good vacation though) Oh yeah, I'm also supposed to say (see earlier post on La Panaderia), that I like this name because it tells you exactly what the restaurant does....cakes on walnut street!
I was honestly disapointed in the cupcakes. They were pretty good, I was just expecting more. The chocolate-pistacio cake was okay, but the frosting was airy, and not flavorful enough. It left a oily feeling in your mouth. I liked the fig-mascarpone cupcake. I liked the frosting, which was sweet, with a hint of fig. Lauren and Erica didn't like it because they thought the cake was too dense. More like a muffin texture. I can see where they were coming from. They both said it had a cornmeal-fig newton feel to it. I actually understood that as well. It had the same crunch you get in a fig newton.
We all thought the presentation was very good. There was even a nice takeout box they gave us to take the leftovers in!

$10.04 - plus tax
Total spent - $156.09

Cakes on Walnut (website)
217- 355-5400

114 N Walnut St,Champaign, IL 61820

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