Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: La Panaderia

08:00 - La Panaderia

I wonder if bread shops in Spain or Mexico are called La Panderia, or if it's a "only in America" thing. On the flip side, I also wonder if there are American stores in other countries that call themselves "the shoe store" or the "American food place." Sometimes I think that life would be easier if every store told you what they were in their name. Places like Kentucky Fried Chicken are like that. There's no deception in the name, and you know exactly what you're going to get as soon as you read it. (Okay, maybe there's a little deception, but "heart attack when you're 40" isn't a very attractive name) Other places like "Old Navy" or "American Eagle" could confuse someone who's never been there before. (The name "GAP" sort of says what kind of store it is, but only if you treat the name as an acronym...I'm not trying to be judgemental...I have GAP clothes..just honest) I'm 99% sure that La Panderia sells bread, and that's easy for me. I like the simplicity. Enough rambling. Newly opened last Spring 2008, La Panaderia is a bakery full of ethnic delicacies, and we're going to sample the best they have to offer.

I've been wanting to try out this bakery for the longest time. We ordered the Concha ($.90) (a bread that looks similar to a melon pan) and the tres leche cake ($2.75). The concha was light, with a wonderfully light and crisp almost crumb-like topping. The tres leche did not impress us too much and I actually think the one Mike made last year was much better.
I don't have much to say about this place, because Lauren said it all. The Conchas was great, while the Tres Leches had good flavor, but was a little coarse. On a side note, this place must be pretty popular, because they were sold out of a whole bunch of stuff when we got there.

$3.95 plus tax
Total spent - $84.20

La Panaderia (review)
1405 S. Neil St, Champaign, IL 61820

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