Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Howbowda Bagel

02:00 - Howbowda Bagel
One of the newest additions to the Champaign restaurant scene, Howbowda Bagel has quickly become a favorite amongst the locals. From sweet to savory, breakfast to lunch/dinner, Howbowda Bagel serves up all sorts of steamed bagel sandwiches. From what I can gather, a traditional bagel is shaped, proofed, boiled, then baked. The steamed bagel (a recent invention) skips the boiling and instead is baked in an oven with steam injectors. This supposedly make the bagel "fluffier, softer, and less chewy" according to the Wikipedia article I read. I'm excited to try this new bagel shop.

We ordered the “Lox it Up” ($6.49) which was one of the specialty bagels.
It was a nice clean shop with a lot of bright light. It’s perfectly situated on Green St. (where all the Campustown bars are located) for all the late-night after bar-hopping group.
I would definitely go back. The bagels had the perfect texture-chewy in the inside and slightly toasted crisp outside. I think I’d perfectly happy enjoying a flavored bagel without any spreads or fillings.

I agree with Lauren, the bagel was great, and I really liked the workers. There was a ton of lox inside, but it wasn’t too salty. I also liked that there was red onion, cucumber, tomato, and cream cheese.....mmmmm. If I could make one recommendation, it would be to put pepper on the bagel (or more of it if they already put some). Bagel dough is delivered weekly from New York, which is another interesting fact. We also interviewed one of the owners Dustin Canter, since he was there making bagels. It’s not the most exciting interview, but hey, you know that the guy loves what he does!

$7.03 plus tax
Total spent - $42.03, we’ve got to spend less! 

Howbowda Bagel (review)
611A E. Green Street, Champaign, IL 61820

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Lisa said...

I like that Lox It Up, too, that's the only sandwich I've tried here, actually. And yeah, Dustin and . . . I don't remember the other guy's name, but they were both very personable.

I have the 30-sec. capability on my little camera, too (Sony Cybershot), although I've never tried it except by mistake once. :)