Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Escobar

22:00 - Escobar
Escbar's is a Nuevo Latin resturant. They have the same owners as Milo's which is a popular restuarant in Champaign. We've only heard rave reviews about the food at Escobar,
At Sushi Kame I was given the advice to order the mojito at Escobar. I love mojitos and since we were nearing the end of our night, I decided to splurge and order a drink. Aaron decided to join Mike and me at the Escobar. Even though the three of us were stuffed from the previous restaurants, we somehow managed to find room in our stomachs to partake in the deliciousness of Escobar.
General consensus was the tilapa ($16, which was suggested by our waiter) was awesome! Our only complaint was we felt the fried rice was unnecessary and a plate with just the fish would have been perfect. We understood what the chef was trying to achieve with the progression of an asian fried rice, to a honey-soy glazed fish that was eventually topped with a creamy corn sauce, but we did not think that the fried rice added much to the dish. We also got a guacamole($8), since we heard great things about it. It was fresh, with curry inside of it which was a neat change of pace. Still, I'd have to say that I preferred the guacamole at El Charro.
We also tried an ensalada russa ($6), which was basically a potato salad with eggs, peas, and other things. I thought it was tasty, but nothing special. The tilapia was what really wowed me. The combination of asian soy sauce and cream corn just seemed so weird, but it really worked and made for some seriously good fish.
This is a picture of me celebrating that we were almost finished completing our mission. Yes, those are alcoholic beverages in my hands!

$59 - plus drinks, tax and tip
Total spent - $315.59, okay, we busted our budget here.....but it was an intentional thing. We decided that we should celebrate and have drinks, especially since this was Aaron's last stop. Since FoodBuzz graciously hosted $300 of the cost we didn't feel too bad going overbudget.

6 E. Columbia Ave., Champaign, IL 61820

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