Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lanai~Blue Ginger Cafe

On our first day out and about in Lanai, Lauren and I ate at the Blue Ginger Cafe. It came highly recommended, and we were excited to go there. I had been there when I was really young, but couldn't remember anything about it.

Here's a picture of the front counter. It's a cozy little restaurant, with lots of food. It is pricey, but that's to be expected in an outer-island. A plate of chicken katsu is $10, and they don't give a lot. Lauren and I settled on fried saimin and calamari.
The fried saimin was $4. I thought it was tasty, but heavy on the sesame oil. The portion was pretty small. In flavor, Zippy's is comparable and maybe a little bit better. As much as I'm complaining about the high prices in Lanai, it probably cost the same at Zippy's.
The calamari was also $4. There were only 8 rings. That's $.50 a ring. Plus, they weren't that good. Crunchy and freshly fried, but just not that good. At least it came with lettuce!
Blue Ginger was disappointing, but maybe we should have tried a burger or a plate lunch. I guess it's also tough for them because I'm comparing them to Oahu restaurants that can afford to give far more food for the same price.

How much would I pay?

Mike: Fried Saimin - $3, Calamari - $2.50
Lauren: Fried Saimin - $4, Calamari - $4, but only because it was on Lanai. $3.50 for the saimin and $3 for the calamari if it was on Oahu

Blue Ginger Cafe
409 7th St,
Lanai City, Lanai, HI 96763


Lori said...

Sorry to hear it was disappointing. It was ages ago, but the last time I was there I had the roast pork which was very tasty and soft. This was something like 10 years ago though.

genkitummy said...

lori-the food was not bad. i personally like zippy's. mike doesn't like it, so i think that's why he didn't care for it.
i should have asked for suggestions on what to order. i'm sure mike would have liked the roast pork.

Mike said...

Roast pork sounds yummy!