Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lanai~ Cafe 565

Lauren and I were going to go and eat at another fancy restaurant to celebrate our honeymoon, but we were tired, and decided to sample more of the local cuisine. We tried our luck at Cafe 565, because we saw a friendly couple eating food that looked pretty good outside. Their food, some kind of chicken sandwich and ceasar salad, looked amazing.

Here's a picture of me. As you can clearly see, I'm grumpy. It's because I'm tired and hungry. Luckily, we got our food soon after the picture was taken, and went back to our hotel room to eat and watch the Olympics.
Lauren got a Crabcake plate. It was $8.50. She thought it was pretty good. She liked it better than her fancy dinner at the "Main Dining Room." I didn't like it. It was made of breaded canned crab. They added a lot of sugar. I thought it was too sweet. It tasted like really sweet frozen shumai. Lauren really likes shumai. Also, there was no dressing on the salad.
I got a Greek calzone for $9. It looked good, but was actually (dare I say it) a little too cheesy. The first third was delicious, but it started to taste weird after that. I think it was a little too salty. There was a lot of feta mixed in with other cheeses. There were also artichokes, chicken, olives and spinach in it. Lauren liked eating the crust.

How much would I pay?

Mike: Crabcakes - $4, but I still probably wouldn't eat them, Calzone - $7.50, because it was big
Lauren: Crabcakes - $4.50, Calzone - $8

Cafe 565
408 8th St
Lanai City, Lanai, HI 96763

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