Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yogurt Land

One of the first stops we made on the first day I was home was to Yogurtland which is located right across the street from the UH-Manoa campus next to the YMCA. People have been talking about this store, so I really wanted to try it. Yogurtland is a cute little restaurant self- service yogurt and toppings.
Believe me, the yogurt was great! And to top it off, all the yogurts are either fat free or 99% fat free. Is it really good for you? The Calories and sugar content are probably high, but the yumminess factor negates the Calories. I'm a purist so I only had yogurt (plus at $0.39/ounce I rather pay for yogurt than any topping). See my yogurt? (it's the one on the top). I selected the pistachio (green), cookies and cream (gray), cream (peanut butter). Mike's is on the bottom (yeah, he had about double the portion I had although I ended up eating a bunch of his). He selected all the "tart" flavors which taste like calpis and the mango flavor (peach color), tart (white), blueberry (purple), strawberry (pink).
My favorites were the tart and the peanut butter. Mike's was the strawberry tart.
Here's a picture of Mike enjoying his yogurt. We went back for a second visit and there was a sign posted that said, "No video or pictures. -Management" So now I guess others cannot blog about Yogurtland anymore.

Yogurt Land
1810 University Ave
Phone: 981-4444


K and S said...

that is so pictures :(

genkitummy said...

yeah, no pictures anymore, but i'm glad i was able to snap some pictures before the sign was taped on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Yeah my friend said she loves yogurt land so I would like to go there one day. But I do not know where it is. Where is it?

genkitummy said...

Hi! Yogurtland is near UH-Manoa. It's on University Ave. kind of across the street from the business school and the College of Education. It's on the same block as the YMCA.
It's the spot where Volcano Joe's used to be.
Hope that helps.