Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Pastry House

My mom told me that there was a pretty good bakery in Pearl City, so she took me there to check it out. It's called the Pastry House and is located next to the new Keawe Grill on Kam Highway.
***post has been edited because of the couple "not-so-nice" comments (which I deleted b/c they were both anonymous) received. Check out yelp, hawaiiwomf for reviews of this place. Also, here is the yelp review of the new Pearlridge location. Then you can read several comments and compare the reviews of other bakeries too***

The cakes were not memorable and there was nothing that stood out as a "signature" dessert. But since the Pastry House is a new bakery, they are probably still determining their "signature" dessert. It seems to me like the bakery was trying to copy a sweet potato haupia pie (i forgot the company's name who makes a good one) and a cocoa puff with chantilly cream (Liliha Bakery).
We bought the rainbow cake, the tiramisu, opera cake, rainbow cake, haupia, black forest cake, chocolate chantilly cake, and the sweet potato haupia pie.

The best tasting cake was the tiramisu. The chiffon cake in the rainbow cake was soft and light. But all the other cakes (opera and black forest cake) were quite heavy, but it could be just the pieces that we received.
The Pastry House
98-080 Kamehameha Hwy
Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 484-9289


Lori said...

I totally agree with your instincts. I had a mixed experience there too. Desserts were ok but not great. On the plus side the lady gave us a free pastry. On the down side she wouldn't let me take pictures inside - that kind of turned me off.

genkitummy said...

i didn't know that you couldn't take pictures there. i just snapped them all before anyone came to the front to help us.
i'm glad that you felt the same way about the shop. i didn't want to be too critical of the shop, but i really didn't care for the cakes.

Anonymous said...

I too agree with your comments. I did enjoy the tiramisu and the almondine "ok". However, the cornbread tasted more like a castella and the guava cake just didn't cut it. We did get a free peach custard danish which was tasty. But I felt the biggest disappointment was the lemon bar. The crust was kind of chewy and the lemon was like a thin layer of... paste. I am going to give it another try (since there are still some items that looked appealing), however, I agree that they probably won't survive much longer. Get the tiramisu.

Anonymous said...

why do you delete other peoples comments for? because they weren't nice? well youre the one not being nice by dissing this bakery. i've been to the mall one. the workers are really nice and help you and tell you the HONSEST truth about which one is the best sellers. you people dont know the business so you shouldn't say that they wont survive because they have two shops and they seem to be doing well.

Anonymous said...

I have tried majority of their cakes in hopes of finding a favorite since the bakery is conveniently located. Tiramisu was the best so far, the others especially the red velvet was very dry! The cakes are pretty but thats about it. Delite and Liliha bakery are still tops!
We will see if this bakery survives! and I truly DOUBT, they are doing WELL!