Sunday, May 4, 2008

Top of Waikiki

Yes, I have been cooking, but no I've been caught up with due dates and deadlines that I haven't had a chance to upload pictures and post them.
For now I will review "The Top of Waikiki" restaurant. I went there with my parents and the bf and we were all a bit disappointed. The general consensus was that we would rate the restaurant 3 out of 5 stars.
We ordered a bunch of food and some things were delicious, but overall I don't think I would go back to the restaurant. We started off with mom and i both ordered the lump crab cakes (Morton's is still my number one), Mike ordered the spicy tuna and kona kampachi sashimi with sea asparagus (see picture below). He really liked this appetizer and it was the first time I had eaten sea asparagus which was crunchy and had a slight bite to it.
Mom ordered the grilled roasted garlic rib eye steak with hamakua mushrooms (picture below) , dad ordered some kind of steak, Mike ordered the seafood paella risotto, and I was going to order the hawaiian snapper chinese style with szechuan seafood udon until I realized the fish was going to be in a soup. I ended up ordering two more appetizers in place of an entree. I selected the coconut shrimp with soba and the lobster-crab cake salad (both pictured above). The coconut shrimp was cooked well and was tasty, however the soba salad was warm and overcooked. According to the menu on the website, it looks like the soba is now served cold. Warm overcooked soba is almost like eating paste and was quite disappointing. We wrapped up the night sharing a mango creme brulee and a chocolate "no banana" split. I was not expecting much from the desserts because if the food at a restaurant is mediocre, it is highly unlikely you will encounter a stellar dessert. And I was correct. The creme brulee was yummy but the banana split thing was composed of 6 hard discs that we think were cakes that had been kept in the freezer and defrosted. The concept was innovative, but was not executed to its full potential.
So to reiterate my review, it's okay. It's definitely not on my list of recommendations. For the prices of the dishes, you are betterMUCH happier going to Roy's, Alan Wong's, or Chai's.

Top of Waikiki
2770 Kalakaua Ave
Waikiki Business Plaza, 18th Floor

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