Monday, May 5, 2008

If you give a mouse a cookie

After making that big ticket purchase of a laptop I started spiraling downhill and am now on a massive shopping spree. I'd liken this event to the book, "If you give a Mouse a Cookie." How can you not start purchasing the extras for your new precious toy? It started with a wireless laser mouse; then I decided to buy a 4GB USB to back up my research. It continued with the purchase of a 3-year accidental warranty from Best Buy (my track record with computers and the fact that lightening can cause power surges is a good reason for this).
I then took a stroll to the Illini Computer Center and purchased Microsoft Office 2007 and then thought, "hmmm....I also need Adobe Photoshop." So I purchased the Adobe Creative Suite 3. Did I really need it? No, but I love Photoshop and plus I now have Illustrator and Acrobat.
My laptop still needs physical protection so I am currently looking for a stylish neoprene case...

Yes, I have become "Lauren Mouse." Cookies are now like crumbs and I am moving on to greener pastures and seeking multiple layered chocolate cakes filled with a decadent ganache.

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chou said...

I have one from Built that I love. You can get them at the Illini bookstore.