Friday, April 25, 2008

my new baby

I was planning to name my new laptop "KIRBY" but after purchasing it, i don't think it looks like a Kirby. The computer looks more like it deserves a cooler name like "Blaze" or "Hunter." Anyways, it's an HP Pavilion special edition that has direct disc labeling (it can etch the top of cds), it has tivo capabilities if you buy a special accessory, and it has a 14.1" screen and weighs 5.25 pounds. I'm quite excited about it and have yet to turn it on.

Now I'm debating whether to fork over the $300 to purchase the Best Buy 3-year warranty. My sister told me that it's a great deal, but a friend told me to check out my credit card's benefits. If something goes wrong with my computer, I bring it in to Best Buy and they'll fix it. If they cannot fix it, I get a new laptop. What do you think? Is the Best Buy warranty worth it?

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