Sunday, April 27, 2008

date challenge-spinach & egg beaters

The other day i bought a bunch of beautiful fresh spinach, so that's why Mike and I decided to have a spinach and egg challenge.
I was tired and lazy so I finished my dish in less than 5 minutes. An omelette containing garlic, spinach, mushroom, and provolone cheese. It was a basic healthy comfort food with no bells or whistles.

Mike's dish polenta cakes (no "wow" points because it was store bought polenta), topped with a scrambled egg, spinach, and chorizo sausage. His parents commented that the dish was "interesting." He receives the "A" for effort because by the time he finished, I had cooked, washed my dishes, and eaten my food.

Mike conceded that if it were a taste test, I'd probably win; but visually maybe he has a chance to win the challenge. I guess he should win the challenge because he remembered to use the key ingredients this time.

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