Friday, April 25, 2008

Roy's Restaurant

One of my favorite restaurants in Hawaii is Roy's which serves Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine. You cannot go wrong with the fish dishes and the hot chocolate souffle. I've only been to the Roy's Hawaii Kai in the past, but this time Mike and I checked out Roy's Waikiki after finalizing our menu for our wedding reception in Waikiki. The meal started off with poke style edamame (soybeans). Mike ordered the Prix Fixe menu consisted of a appetizer trio (blackened ahi, some kind of short rib, and chinatown chicken spring roll), his main dish was a tender braised hawaii kai braised short rib, and dessert of the hot chocolate souffle.
We definitely have different tastes when it comes to ordering. I usually stay away from anything with bones (ribs, pork chops, fried chicken), and anything that is found in a petting zoo (duck, rabbit, lamb, goat). His food was okay, personally I think my mom's roast meat could compete against Roy's dish.

Moving on to my selection. As I mentioned before, FISH is excellent at Roy's. I chose the "plate lunch" which was three different kinds of fish prepared in three different ways. (Side note: I usually am a sucker for samplers or menu selections with multiple options). Blackened Ahi (which I had them cook) in a spicy soy wasabi butter, misoyaki butterfish in a sizzling soy vinaigrette , and hibachi grilled salmon citrus ponzu sauce. The butterfish was by far the best fish there and is one of Roy's signature dishes.

We finished off our meal with the hot chocolate souffle (which is one of the best molten chocolate cakes i've eaten). Once you cut the cake high quality semisweet chocolate oozes out of this moist cake. Yummy!

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Joseph said...

One time I went to a steakhouse and our waiter went on a huge spiel about the steaks that were cooked with the bone in, and how the bone released a lot of flavor through cooking. I tried the steak and it was the best ever so I'm on Mike's side.