Monday, February 18, 2008


I have to finish the challenge by the Feb. 27th because I have a meeting to attend on the 28th. This gives me 9 days to complete the quadrathon! My plan is Mondays and Wednesdays bike 9-10 miles and take a cardio H2O class, and on the other days make up my running and biking miles. Unfortunately I got a blister on my right big toe, so I don't know how much running I can do.
I just finished working out for the day and here's my little vent. If you are going to work out at the gym; that's great. If you are going to work out, and then sit outside the gym and smoke a cigarette; boo. First of all, you're hurting your body, and secondly, if you are going to smoke, refrain from smoking so close to the gym or other buildings (it's against school policy).

My status:
Running=17 miles
Swimming=1.6 miles
Biking=85 miles

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