Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Anniversary Hubby!

Today marks Mike and my five year anniversary! Yay us! We have made it through five years of dating, five years of marriage, and are still going strong! Wow, that's 10 years! Our little family keeps 2011 we introduced little Butters our dog and then in 2012 our little baby girl. She already turned 1 year old, so now she's just our "little baby girl."
This is not a picture of Mike and me. It's the dogs helping us celebrate. :)
I often tell Mike that marrying him was the best decision in my life. It's true. I some how lucked out and found the guy that I was meant to spend the rest of my life with at such a young age (we met in high school but did not start dating until college).  We had a rough few years of doing the long distance thing, but I think that made our relationship that much stronger.

He's my best friend and a wonderful daddy to our little girl! He is also a great husband who cooks, cleans, and tickles my back to help me fall asleep.  Thank you Michael for loving me for all these years! I love you! Here's to many more years!


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Happy Anniversary!

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