Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hawaii Restaurants~Halekulani Orchids

Every so often we meet up with Mike's grand aunty for lunch.  She has refined taste and "tsks" at us if we say that we want to eat lunch at McDonald's or Zippy's.  I do not think that we have ever eaten at a restaurant that served food in styrofoam containers with his Aunty.
A couple of months back, she said that she wanted to go to her favorite restaurant, "Orchids" at the Halekulani hotel.  Apparently Mike's aunty frequently dines there because every staff member at the restaurant and the valets knew her by first name.  Wow! I guess Mike and I do not frequent places enough for staff to know us.
Bread Basket containing cheese focaccia bread, multi-grain rolls, and lavosh.  My favorite was the lavosh, Mike's favorite was the multi-grain roll.
 I ate the Onaga "Orchids Style" which was cooked Chinese style with shiitake mushrooms, green onion, cilantro, and soy sauce and seasame oil. The fish was cooked perfectly and I ate it all up!

Mike and his aunty both ordered the lobster and shrimp burger (with sambal aioli, and pickled cucumber, and potato wedges).
Here's a macro shot of the burger . Mike's aunty always orders this burger because it's so good!

Lilikoi and Chocolate bar Bar with mango coulis, and coconut ice cream.  The plate was also dressed with orange peel like pieces, which were actualy lilikoi gelee (yum!) and toasted macademia nuts.  

I can see why Orchids is Mike's aunty's favorite restaurant. The service was impeccable and the food was delicious. I do not think that Mike and I will be frequenting Orchids with our current budget, but maybe one day in the far far future...

2199 Kalia Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
(808) 923-2311


Tien Douglas said...

You are very lucky. I will have to check out this place when we visit Hawaii. Tien

genkitummy said...

Thanks Tien! Let me know if you're ever in Hawaii. I'm back here for good!

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