Sunday, May 26, 2013

Favor Ideas

Okay this idea is probably a couple of years old, but still I like how it looks and made these for a friend's baby shower.
I bought some pearly pink Sixlets. Remember Sixlets?  The round candy coated chocolate pieces? Now they come in pearly iridescent colors perfect for wedding favors.  I bought mine online from Hobby Lobby (sold for about $5.99 a bag), but then found out that it was being sold at local Price Busters for $3.50 a bag.  Darn darn darn. Oh well, next time I will purchase them from Price Busters.

I also bought some regular pink sixlets.
Then filled this 8"x1" bags with the candies and tied a little ribbon bow on top.  Below here's a picture of some pastel M&M's in the bag.  It's such an easy favor.

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